Birth of Midnight Sun


Art by Freydoon RassouliDark inward and Dark outward
Magnificent is the Midnight Sun
A Touch is a Touch
Timeless and Tide
So call me And Miss me
Love me And Kiss me
Dead wish
Just a tiny step from Reborn^!

So kill me and Carry me
Deliver me
My mother And My Lover
My Eternally Turning Fire!!!

❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮

Keep Living the Bliss of Divine Love with Sufism

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

#Kalakar 🔀

ArtistSeher Mohammad 

Poetry Credit: Unknown

🌀Birth of Sun🎨 Art by Freydoon Rassouli

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Artist ☾ Seher Mohammad ♒


There are three main kind of people I am facing from many years on my path of life. One who are art critics and said that art is the expression of soul and any analysis will thwart impression of creativity. Perhaps that is the reason many artist preferred to keep quite of their experience because of the fear of self rejection from society opinions.

Second people who are Sufies or following a Sufi path: said that Sufism is path of God and it is irrelevant and wrong to define it in wordily acts. According to them a Sufi should follow Sufism in customary form but not as a living experience.
Mostly, misinformed people confused Sufism with poverty.

The Third category falls into religious people and they all have different believes and faiths regarding creativity and mostly contraindicated to it.

According my experiences there is a big difference between being spiritually conscious,and being conscious of what is going on in the world around you. The former is an unmistakable feeling of “returning home” to your Self within the body, the source of true peace, happiness, and intuition. Whereas the latter is more of a mental awakening, often times accompanied by immense fear, anger, or even guilt brought on by a realizing some of the more disturbing truths about the world we live in. Ultimately, they are both important, as they are inextricably linked. Within, but not without.
I am doing things that increase the one, and automatically increases the other. Either directly, or indirectly. Immediately, or over the course of time..For the example when I made a painting it increases the number of asset in my studio..but on other side automatically it increases my wisdom with in a initiative experience of soul with art..
Before when I wasn’t aware by true wisdom. I was like a programmed robot with full of information hypnotized by man-made things…But after spiritual oath and following my spiritual Master I acknowledged and acknowledging truth of my being continuously.

Every person follow the root of his tree. I have discovered my inclination towards Sufism. It is something by that I am living my life lovely, performing my Art and daily tasks wisely..It is some thing which attracts me, fascinates me, inspires is something by which I became able to represent my art through illumination of the Divine Creative Light. It changed my life from head to toe, outside to inside..
When someone make opinionated with me that I favors any specific religion or preaching any kind of philosophy, faith or believe with my work. Than my simple answer to them is.
“The experience that I had in Love is the same I get from paintings and art and that is why I presented the ONE to the World!” with the only message
“There is Love in every religion seek that religion of Love.”

At the end those people who think and judge that a Sufi should be like this or like that.For them my message is

“A Sufi like a normal human being, has every right to follow h/er heart and to earn his bread and butter in this World. He lives with Dignity, that is why God Dignifies him in this World!”

For the use of image I received enough opinions based of multi causes from people about posting and making pictures. it is completely on my personal understanding. I’m NOT an expert on any religion nor a scholar. But everybody has certain realization at some points. So I’m expressing mine here. You may like it, hate it or just ignore it all together. If image was prohibited in any religion that were to prevent people from blaspheming. And if one use image for the sake of clarity, for beautification I think that problem doesn’t come into play. In that context use of image is fine. It gives strong visual signals and information which is conducive to understanding and knowledge.
“We must see the bigger picture and able to realize the true meaning of the teachings. Sometime narrowing down and limiting the real meaning of the teachings make us fall into serious errors and lead to divisions.”

And those art critics who say that somehow therapy or analysis will thwart their creativity are completely misinformed. It’s absolutely the opposite-it opens closed doors.

It is so be it so I continued to seek my journey to wisdom and I am walking on it and being “I am” it is the definition of a Sufi follower too.
The search for spirituality is something which was always there and will be there.
My art is the medium of mine I am my canvas where I experience my soul with colors of my art.

ღஜღ Never mind the purpose of Art ღஜღ
❀♫☼*☮ஜEnjoy it from HeArtღஜღ☮*☼♫❀

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ
All ☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭ One.

Artist Seher Mohammmd

MODaline ArtisTree By-SeherMohammad
MODaline SpiritisTree By-SeherMohammad

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SERENE=Morning Bliss

Beauty Dig 1Label
SERENE=Morning Bliss-Dig2

Series: Magical Magnificence-My MD(Manual to Digital )Fusion Compositions….

Look at His beauty.

Watch His manner,
That figure,that stature,
That face, those eyes.
Look at His hands and feet.

Watch His color,
That dignity, that calmness.
Watch that One dressed
Like a full moon.

Shall I start with the cypress,
Or tell about the tulips,
Or describe the jasmine?
Shall I talk about the candle and bowl,
Or the roses that dance in the morning breeze?

Love looks like a pulpit for fireworks,
Dressed to become the form
Which came and cut the road
For the caravan of Heart.
O young one, give a moment of mercy.

All night I’ve been in the fire,
Burning until morning.
I’m so bright and happy from the morning sun.

I’ve been turning around His face
Which resembles the Moon.
I send greetings to Him
Without lips or tongue.
I throw myself to the ground
Before He invites me in.

You are the rose garden of the earth
And the eyes and light of the universe.
Yet when You step into the land of cruelty,
You become all the sorrow and grief of the world.

I come to Your temple to sacrifice my life.
“Don’t give me trouble, go away,”

You say.
I return to serve You.
“Oh, stupid one, where are you?”

You say.
Your reflection is having an affair
With a fiery Lover.
I hope my eye won’t lose sight of Your face
For even one moment.

O Heart, what has happened
To your patience, your decision?
Where is your work, your occupation?
Why do you lose your sleep day and night?

Heart, expound upon the beauty of Your face
And praise those charming
Narcissus eyes of Yours.
Talk about that hair which looks like hyacinth,
Those beautiful eyebrows
And those ruby-colored lips
That tell such fascinating stories.

O Love, You have many different names
Among the people.
But yesterday I gave You yet another name.
I call You
Pain which has no remedy.

O Beautiful, my Soul is enlightened by You.
I whirl around like the sky because of You,
My Soul, my Beauty.
Send some wheat
So that the mill won’t become confused.

I won’t talk about Him anymore.
After this verse, I’ll be silent.
It’s enough.
My Soul has been burned by this desire.
My God, You take good care of us.


Pen and Point art one my fav also one my teacher in art.. Though it consumes long time to complete but it was an extra-ordinary experience which I had from my series based of 15 to 2o sketches from 1999.The original sketch “Simplistically” is from one of them.Recently I started to revive them in my digital works.. The above work is one of result I achieved from my handmade sketch.Point art is an ancient art.Being practically for me there is no much difference in a point or in a stroke both source is same but point could be very mysterious element in a painting.though commonly mostly artists focus on the line and a line also starts from a point.Being art learner I am grateful of pointillism art which inspired me to work in points and I experienced a very basic but most enlightening concept of our structure via pointillism.” In a picture point is infinite even a single point remains infinite and whole picture completes with uncountable points.A point art painting can be a great example of Oneness”.

———❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮———

Keep enjoying  the journey of Love through my art. A message of hope and interstellar love from the visionary “SERENE=Morning Bliss” with the soulful poetic verses by Master Rumi”Q.S.A”.

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd or for prints My Deviantart

Painting © 2015 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™



☼Enlighten Spirits☼

Enlighten Spirits LAB

Enlighten Spirits-DIG1

Series: Magical Magnificence

I’ll not say, dear, what is Sama’
Unless I know who may the listener be:

If from the Spirit’s loft his soul-bird soar
The very Angel lags behind in flight;

But if he be a man of sport and play and jest
The demon grows in force within his chest.

The breeze of dawn tears apart the rose with grace
But wood the axe alone can split.

The world is full of passion, drunkenness and music
But in the mirror what can a blind man see???

The digital mix media composition & painting “Enlighten Spirits” is based of Sufi Whirling(Sufi Dancing) Dervaishi naach. My painting subject  is sufies gaining ecstasy in sama. Sama is one of key element of Sufi practices and the highest goal of Sama for the Sufi is Ecstasy.Often spiritual travelers seek a path that is fulfilling in a manner as defined by them. They want learning experiences that will ‘make them whole, peaceful, happy and connected to the larger universe.’ Of course, travelers are free to want these things and establish their own learning criteria. However, authentic paths do not adhere to this structure. Like other serious forms of learning, the Sufi path has its own entrance requirements that the traveler must meet.The Sufi take the course of love and devotion to accomplish their highest aim with Divine Law and same implement with every practice of Sufism(Tasawwuf). Allah says in His Kalaam

“The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah. ~ Surah az-Zumar 39.23…

Ever since the time of Junayd of Baghdad(Q.S.A) it has been common for Sufis to link sama’ with the kalaam e Allah theme of the primordial covenant (mithaq) between God and the unborn souls of humanity, when God demanded,
“Am I not your Lord (a-lastu bi-rabbikum)?” (Kalaam Allah 7.172).
Master Junayd of Baghdad(Q.S.A) quoted as saying,
“When to essence of the children of Adam on the day of covenant there came the words,
‘Am I not your Lord,’ all the spirits became absorbed by its delight. Thus those who came into this world, whenever they hear a beautiful voice, their spirits tremble and are disturbed by the memory of that speech, because the influence of that speech is in the beautiful voice.”
In other terms, the source of sama is said to be the “rapture” or “attraction” (jazb) of God, a kind of energy that irresistibly draws one toward God
.According one of great Sufi Master Burhan al-Din”Q.S.A”who was a senior disciple of Sufi Master Nizam al-Din Awliya(Q.S.A)and famous for his practice of sama.defined types of Sama;

1- One is Lawful Sufi Samaa, in which the listener is totally longing for God and not at all longing for the created.
2- The second is permitted Sufi Samaa, in which the listener is mostly longing for God and only a little for the created.
3- The third is disapproved Samaa, in which there is much longing for the created and a little for God.
4- The fourth is forbidden Samaa, in which there is no longing for God and all is for the created…

The listener should know the difference between doing the lawful, the forbidden, the permitted, and the disapproved. And this a secret between God and the listener (for none truly knows the motive of the Heart except God, the Knower of unseen).
Therefore, whatever one finds (yujadu-Ecstasy) as a consequence of audition (Sama‘) by means of audition within the soul is all ecstasy (wajd). Such “serenity”, “shivering of the flesh”, awe and “softening of the heart”is itself wajd.
The subject who experiences wajd is temporarily absent from him or herself; it is indeed an extasis, an exit from self-existence and an entrance into ego less consciousness.

The participants of Samaa should not forget the etiquettes of samaa
There is saying among the Shadhili Sufis, about being inwardly ecstatic, but outwardly sober.
Thus the ecstasy of Sama’ would be incomplete and one sided without an account of disciplines and balance of sobriety which comes from the adab or proper etiquette of listening to sama'”…..

What would most interest an outside observer about sama is to see what are the effects of the ecstasy on the participants,but this is a topic that the sources touch upon only lightly,since the spiritual experience is the goal…Thats why Some Great Masters of samaa can understand a hundred thousand mysteries filled with treasures of secrets in the voice of the Reciter and the verse!!

Thus, Master Shibli”Q.S.A” said:

“When I suppose that I have lost it, I find it and whenever I imagine that I have found it, I lose it.”

———❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮———

Keep enjoying  the journey of Sufism through my art. A message of hope and interstellar love from the visionary “Enlighten Spirits-DIG1” with the soulful poetic verses by Master Sadi in Bustan…

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd or for prints My Deviantart

To Liston and enjoy soulful Pakistani sama track for sufies a live recorded sama from Poland in voice of Qawal Farid Ayaz and brothers visit my MODaline Productions Soundcloud

Painting © 2015 All rights reserved

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First he(Sufi)  Reaches Heart then Question of Heart,
Who Knows that where A Sufi Goes on his path…

He walk a burning Desert daily inside,
Every Night he crosses a Stormy Sea…

His Eyes search for Beloved everywhere,
Not meeting Him,leaves Him in tears…

When he sometimes sees Beloved’s Glimpse,
In Ecstasy he becomes a Dance Himself…

He sees every Color of this World,
Beloved’s Charisma he sees in everywhere…

Circumambulating all of the Paradises one day,
He reaches from “NOTHING” to “HOUSE OF NOTHING”…

First he Reaches Heart then Question of Heart,
Who Knows that where A Sufi Goes on his Path!!!


Hazrat Sufi Master Mansoor Al Hallaj “Q.S.A” was hanged just for saying 2 words:
Anal Haq
(I Am The “TRUTH”!!!)

From centuries “SUFIS” all over the “WORLD” have been “HANGED” & “BURNT” for “KNOWING” &”SAYING” the “TRUTH”…
But a SUFI only lives for knowing the “TRUTH” and is ever ready to “SACRIFICE” his own life,because the whole “PURPOSE” of his life is to “KNOW” the”TRUTH” & LIVE IT!!!

Ask yourself:



Poetry and Commentary by: Sufi Aasman Shah Hussaini Qadri-Shuttari-Chishti from Markaze Tasawwaf.

To know about Real Sufism (Divine Law of Spirituality) 

# Markaze Tasawwuf
(★ Center Of Sufism★)
Khanqah Sharif Qadiriya-Shutaariya-Chishtiya,
1011,E-First, Mehrauli-Sharif,
New Delhi,

Keep enjoying bliss with Master’s guidance

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammd

Above Painting: Sufi Mendicant (Faqeer-e-Murshad)

Poetry & Painting© 2014 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™