♫Remembrance-The Beloved’s Cry♫

Beloved Cry ArtLAB

Remembrance-The Beloved’s Cry

My Original handmade Painting

From Series Light of The Infinite

My Beloved asks,
‘in separation we talk about union.
in union what shall we talk about?’

the answer is easy,
‘just be in separation;
so that in union,
you know how
to appreciate

Hear o Dervishes,
Enjoy what comes!
Learn to appreciate.
Be grateful.

Enjoy even
This Sweetness
of Separation.

Just as you long for union today,
Who knows!
May be you’ll miss
This strange sweetness
in the moments of union!

Separation is Preparation.

Enjoy this preparation,
And may bliss
be your Union.


Remembrance-The Beloved’s Cry is manifestation of state of “Separation” in mystic way. Commonly when we talked about separation the first thought comes in mind “being separated for the example a situation between two persons (wife and husband, father and son, friend and friend, girlfriend and boyfriend) who live apart from each other.One kind of state is also known by separation that which is of no use and impresses the one who suffers it as a calamity. It arises from denial of God, from heresies, and misguidance. It continues in the intermediate world of the grave and even in the other world bringing no reward to those who suffer it. The one more separation kind is which begins in the womb of the mother and continues until the grave.This is separation which every mortal human being is destined to suffer.Although it sometimes brings reward to those who suffer it because of the purity of intention in their acts, it usually causes pangs for souls that have fallen away from the Almighty and that have not been able to maintain righteousness in their inner worlds.

What is mean by “Separation” in Mystics?

Sufis are lovers of God, wayfarers traveling through the desert of the world, making the journey from separation back to union with God.In Sufism words have not those same meanings which we know by our mind capacity. Every word in the Sufism is folded by the state of hearts and souls and each word may have many many different but undefinable meanings. Here I explaining some important points of  “Separation” regarding Sufism for the reason.. many people misjudged and mixed up the “Sufi Separation”  with the worldly situation of separations like in relationships and etc.

In Sufism separation calls as “Ghurba” which literally meaning “the state of being a foreigner, homelessness, loneliness and being a stranger in one’s own land, Separation (Ghurba)  has been defined in the Sufi language as renouncing the world with the charms to which one feels attachment on the way to the true, Desired One, or living a life dedicated to the other world though surrounded by this world and it’s charms.Separation can be viewed as the states in which those who improve the world spiritually find themselves. Some of these states, which we can also consider as kinds of separation, are moving from one state to another, turning one’s face from the created to the Creator, and descending from the limitless, heavenly realm to that of the created to guide he created to ascend to the heavenly one. Beloved Master of the worlds and  Messenger Mohammad(P.B.U.H) Stated “The most lovable to God almighty among His servants are those who are separate.”(Ibn-e-Qayyim al-Jawziya3:15)

Concerning homelessness, separation and being an outsider in one’s own land, the beloved messenger points to the holy ones of every age who strive to make God’s Word the most elevated in the world.For example: Islam begin helpless and with the helpless and outlandish, and will return to the same condition of helplessness and being represented by the outsiders. The Glad tiding to the outsiders who try to improve in a time when all else are engaged in the destruction and corruption.(Al-Muslim,Imam 232,Al- Timidity, Iman 13)

Despite the fact that the people of truth feel and know separation in their consciences, despite the fact that they feel and love this separation and that they breathe the breezes of being in God’s company, in one respect they see separation as living in realm of bodily existence, the realm between pure materialism and spirituality, and a requirement of being on the way to God. They not only endure separation, no matter how difficult it becomes, but they are always ready and desirous to fly to the realm where the souls fly. They always suffer separation from the higher realm of the spiritual beings, they long for the reunion in the inter-mediate realm of the worldly life. Master Hazrat Bilal Habshi(Q.S.A) expressed his separation he says” I am returning to my native land from the land of separation.” on another place Master Rumi(Q.S.A) explains separation in a verse from Mathnavi “Liston to the Flute, how its recounts: It’s complains of separation” Look what beloved Master Khusrou Dehlwi(Q.S.A) says ” My heart has become tired with separation and desire the native land”.

The separation that is useful and praised by Him who brought the Divine Law is that felt by God Saintly servants. This separation is that which is crowned with friendship with God, which has the depth of knowing Him, and the dimensions of loving and yearning for Him.Those who feels this separation rise to friendship with God, without ever feeling themselves completely alone.They consider the transitory moments of loneliness as sign that they are ascending towards Him and see themselves as being supported by God’s protection. They are ascetics who’s every moment is spent in devotion of Him, ascetics who are always at war with feelings of pride and fame. In prophetic tradition they are the royalty in the gardens of paradise, but they  live in such a way that they attach no importance to other things. They regard all worldly and other worldly favors as a means of mentioning their true owner, of being in constant thankfulness to Him. Whatever Gift God bestows on them, They see it as a garment to be worn temporarily , a garment that must not be spoiled by them and one about which they must feel no loss when it is gone. The kind of separation, which is regarded as the most important and blessed source of sainthood, belonging to those who lived in the age of happiness-the time of the messenger and those who will come towards the end of time and follow them in adherence to God’s religion and serving it, is a way to perfection. It is extremely difficult to advance on this way, and does not seem greatly attractive to people, But it is very valuable and immune to claims of self assertion and words of pride that are irreconcilable with self possession.In every age, handful of pure souls have gathered together around this source, breasted the adversities, surrounding their community, fought against the dangers that lie waiting in ambush for the spirits, embraced human beings with Love, helped them realize their worldly and other worldly expectations, and then said farewell to this world without tasting its pleasure to go to the others. This they had to do, as any easy life. Bodily pleasures are deadly poison for them and they had contradicted themselves. Instead of living contraindications and controversies, which is the bitterest of separation, something that is worse than death for those who order their lives, not for their own but for others happiness. They prefer to receive their document of discharge from worldly responsibilities and emigrate to the realm of where the friends are.

The Color Palette and Technique

This spiritual Intuitive art originally handmade custom painting with acrylic medium on canvas… The size of canvas is 23″*29″ inches. This painting is inspired by a photograph of model ” Lily Cole” during her dancing performance in a Fashion Week show  “Vivienne Westwood Red Label”September 15, 2013 in London, England. I always  feel so deeply connected with red so I spiritually connected  and painted her in my own medium.The more from her dance I am working on yet. This  original painting and prints are available on sites.

Hope you all will understand the difference  between the worldly separation and separation in Sufism and will enjoy the journey of Love via “Remembrance-The Beloved’s Cry ” A message of hope and interstellar love from the Painting  with the soulful poemby Sufi Poet “Whispering Mystic”

———❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮———

Keep enjoy the bliss of Sufism with my Art

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd


Painting © 2016 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™



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