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Enlighten Spirits-DIG1

Series: Magical Magnificence

I’ll not say, dear, what is Sama’
Unless I know who may the listener be:

If from the Spirit’s loft his soul-bird soar
The very Angel lags behind in flight;

But if he be a man of sport and play and jest
The demon grows in force within his chest.

The breeze of dawn tears apart the rose with grace
But wood the axe alone can split.

The world is full of passion, drunkenness and music
But in the mirror what can a blind man see???

The digital mix media composition & painting “Enlighten Spirits” is based of Sufi Whirling(Sufi Dancing) Dervaishi naach. My painting subject  is sufies gaining ecstasy in sama. Sama is one of key element of Sufi practices and the highest goal of Sama for the Sufi is Ecstasy.Often spiritual travelers seek a path that is fulfilling in a manner as defined by them. They want learning experiences that will ‘make them whole, peaceful, happy and connected to the larger universe.’ Of course, travelers are free to want these things and establish their own learning criteria. However, authentic paths do not adhere to this structure. Like other serious forms of learning, the Sufi path has its own entrance requirements that the traveler must meet.The Sufi take the course of love and devotion to accomplish their highest aim with Divine Law and same implement with every practice of Sufism(Tasawwuf). Allah says in His Kalaam

“The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah. ~ Surah az-Zumar 39.23…

Ever since the time of Junayd of Baghdad(Q.S.A) it has been common for Sufis to link sama’ with the kalaam e Allah theme of the primordial covenant (mithaq) between God and the unborn souls of humanity, when God demanded,
“Am I not your Lord (a-lastu bi-rabbikum)?” (Kalaam Allah 7.172).
Master Junayd of Baghdad(Q.S.A) quoted as saying,
“When to essence of the children of Adam on the day of covenant there came the words,
‘Am I not your Lord,’ all the spirits became absorbed by its delight. Thus those who came into this world, whenever they hear a beautiful voice, their spirits tremble and are disturbed by the memory of that speech, because the influence of that speech is in the beautiful voice.”
In other terms, the source of sama is said to be the “rapture” or “attraction” (jazb) of God, a kind of energy that irresistibly draws one toward God
.According one of great Sufi Master Burhan al-Din”Q.S.A”who was a senior disciple of Sufi Master Nizam al-Din Awliya(Q.S.A)and famous for his practice of sama.defined types of Sama;

1- One is Lawful Sufi Samaa, in which the listener is totally longing for God and not at all longing for the created.
2- The second is permitted Sufi Samaa, in which the listener is mostly longing for God and only a little for the created.
3- The third is disapproved Samaa, in which there is much longing for the created and a little for God.
4- The fourth is forbidden Samaa, in which there is no longing for God and all is for the created…

The listener should know the difference between doing the lawful, the forbidden, the permitted, and the disapproved. And this a secret between God and the listener (for none truly knows the motive of the Heart except God, the Knower of unseen).
Therefore, whatever one finds (yujadu-Ecstasy) as a consequence of audition (Sama‘) by means of audition within the soul is all ecstasy (wajd). Such “serenity”, “shivering of the flesh”, awe and “softening of the heart”is itself wajd.
The subject who experiences wajd is temporarily absent from him or herself; it is indeed an extasis, an exit from self-existence and an entrance into ego less consciousness.

The participants of Samaa should not forget the etiquettes of samaa
There is saying among the Shadhili Sufis, about being inwardly ecstatic, but outwardly sober.
Thus the ecstasy of Sama’ would be incomplete and one sided without an account of disciplines and balance of sobriety which comes from the adab or proper etiquette of listening to sama'”…..

What would most interest an outside observer about sama is to see what are the effects of the ecstasy on the participants,but this is a topic that the sources touch upon only lightly,since the spiritual experience is the goal…Thats why Some Great Masters of samaa can understand a hundred thousand mysteries filled with treasures of secrets in the voice of the Reciter and the verse!!

Thus, Master Shibli”Q.S.A” said:

“When I suppose that I have lost it, I find it and whenever I imagine that I have found it, I lose it.”

———❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮———

Keep enjoying  the journey of Sufism through my art. A message of hope and interstellar love from the visionary “Enlighten Spirits-DIG1” with the soulful poetic verses by Master Sadi in Bustan…

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd

modalineproductions@gmail.com or for prints My Deviantart

To Liston and enjoy soulful Pakistani sama track for sufies a live recorded sama from Poland in voice of Qawal Farid Ayaz and brothers visit my MODaline Productions Soundcloud

Painting © 2015 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™






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