SERENE=Morning Bliss

Beauty Dig 1Label
SERENE=Morning Bliss-Dig2

Series: Magical Magnificence-My MD(Manual to Digital )Fusion Compositions….

Look at His beauty.

Watch His manner,
That figure,that stature,
That face, those eyes.
Look at His hands and feet.

Watch His color,
That dignity, that calmness.
Watch that One dressed
Like a full moon.

Shall I start with the cypress,
Or tell about the tulips,
Or describe the jasmine?
Shall I talk about the candle and bowl,
Or the roses that dance in the morning breeze?

Love looks like a pulpit for fireworks,
Dressed to become the form
Which came and cut the road
For the caravan of Heart.
O young one, give a moment of mercy.

All night I’ve been in the fire,
Burning until morning.
I’m so bright and happy from the morning sun.

I’ve been turning around His face
Which resembles the Moon.
I send greetings to Him
Without lips or tongue.
I throw myself to the ground
Before He invites me in.

You are the rose garden of the earth
And the eyes and light of the universe.
Yet when You step into the land of cruelty,
You become all the sorrow and grief of the world.

I come to Your temple to sacrifice my life.
“Don’t give me trouble, go away,”

You say.
I return to serve You.
“Oh, stupid one, where are you?”

You say.
Your reflection is having an affair
With a fiery Lover.
I hope my eye won’t lose sight of Your face
For even one moment.

O Heart, what has happened
To your patience, your decision?
Where is your work, your occupation?
Why do you lose your sleep day and night?

Heart, expound upon the beauty of Your face
And praise those charming
Narcissus eyes of Yours.
Talk about that hair which looks like hyacinth,
Those beautiful eyebrows
And those ruby-colored lips
That tell such fascinating stories.

O Love, You have many different names
Among the people.
But yesterday I gave You yet another name.
I call You
Pain which has no remedy.

O Beautiful, my Soul is enlightened by You.
I whirl around like the sky because of You,
My Soul, my Beauty.
Send some wheat
So that the mill won’t become confused.

I won’t talk about Him anymore.
After this verse, I’ll be silent.
It’s enough.
My Soul has been burned by this desire.
My God, You take good care of us.


Pen and Point art one my fav also one my teacher in art.. Though it consumes long time to complete but it was an extra-ordinary experience which I had from my series based of 15 to 2o sketches from 1999.The original sketch “Simplistically” is from one of them.Recently I started to revive them in my digital works.. The above work is one of result I achieved from my handmade sketch.Point art is an ancient art.Being practically for me there is no much difference in a point or in a stroke both source is same but point could be very mysterious element in a painting.though commonly mostly artists focus on the line and a line also starts from a point.Being art learner I am grateful of pointillism art which inspired me to work in points and I experienced a very basic but most enlightening concept of our structure via pointillism.” In a picture point is infinite even a single point remains infinite and whole picture completes with uncountable points.A point art painting can be a great example of Oneness”.

———❀ ♫ ☼ ☾*☮———

Keep enjoying  the journey of Love through my art. A message of hope and interstellar love from the visionary “SERENE=Morning Bliss” with the soulful poetic verses by Master Rumi”Q.S.A”.

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd or for prints My Deviantart

Painting © 2015 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™




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