MODalineSPIRITisTree-by SeherMohammad
karachi Pakistan

Bio: Being a art sharer(artist) serving colours of love infinite in the world..This site is my Reflection-It mirrors my thoughts on various subjects of day to day Life,My personal experiences and what my way of Art and Life.This blog is product of my creativity which takes birth in my Soul and is Reflection of What I am as Human as an Artist..This Blog is my yearning to serve others without desiring others service. As we all know; Life by design throw us many responsibilities. From managing our finance to taking care of our sub-ordinates, responsibilities at workplace, taking care of family and so on and so forth. The moment we come out of our childhood (which is the only time we are free from the bond of responsibility) we are given responsibilities to attend to. Many responsibilities may seem to be of worldly nature (from purely spiritual perspective, but what is spirituality and what is not,anyone may ask!), but they are extremely important in our journey or passage of life because they all offer us something to learn from, and to know ourselves better through participation. Someone may ask, what about enjoyment of life, entertainment, laughter, good times for the self? Some may complaint,where then in all of this 'everything spiritual business' the room for it if we are being so serious all the time? Of course there is room for that. Its also part of one's responsibility to give that food to the soul that nourishes it. The Prophet saying, 'everything has a right, and your body also have a right over you that you should give it rest'. Similarly the spirit needs special nourishment like company of like friends who make us happy, good music that elevate the soul, good laughter with dear ones and attention should be given that we give that to ourselves. From that perspective well known love poet Rumi said, Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don't open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. God states "God loves those who are careful to their duties including the duty to our own selves." It doesn't say what kind of duty because truly there are no distinctions between responsibilities / duties. Any responsibility is seen as a sacred trust - be it taking care of children or safe keeping someone Else's stuff. Everything that one engage and participate is sacred trust, including one's life because they are all given by the Sole Giver for an appointed time and all must return to Him at the end. So the Art and Posts on modalineartistree are my hundred of ways to kneel and kissing the ground and by the Grace of Glorious Lord I m trying to fulfilling my tasks.The First important initiative of my art is to take an onlooker of my paintings towards a journey into the spiritual world visible to an enlightened eye.My energy of Art experiences and Sufism surely will helps you in some way..Do leave a comment if you are touched by it. Love & Light: Seher Mohammad @MODalineProductions

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