First he(Sufi)  Reaches Heart then Question of Heart,
Who Knows that where A Sufi Goes on his path…

He walk a burning Desert daily inside,
Every Night he crosses a Stormy Sea…

His Eyes search for Beloved everywhere,
Not meeting Him,leaves Him in tears…

When he sometimes sees Beloved’s Glimpse,
In Ecstasy he becomes a Dance Himself…

He sees every Color of this World,
Beloved’s Charisma he sees in everywhere…

Circumambulating all of the Paradises one day,
He reaches from “NOTHING” to “HOUSE OF NOTHING”…

First he Reaches Heart then Question of Heart,
Who Knows that where A Sufi Goes on his Path!!!


Hazrat Sufi Master Mansoor Al Hallaj “Q.S.A” was hanged just for saying 2 words:
Anal Haq
(I Am The “TRUTH”!!!)

From centuries “SUFIS” all over the “WORLD” have been “HANGED” & “BURNT” for “KNOWING” &”SAYING” the “TRUTH”…
But a SUFI only lives for knowing the “TRUTH” and is ever ready to “SACRIFICE” his own life,because the whole “PURPOSE” of his life is to “KNOW” the”TRUTH” & LIVE IT!!!

Ask yourself:



Poetry and Commentary by: Sufi Aasman Shah Hussaini Qadri-Shuttari-Chishti from Markaze Tasawwaf.

To know about Real Sufism (Divine Law of Spirituality) 

# Markaze Tasawwuf
(★ Center Of Sufism★)

Khanqah Sharif Qadiriya-Shutaariya-Chishtiya,
1011,E-First, Mehrauli-Sharif,
New Delhi,

Keep enjoying bliss with Master’s guidance

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammd

Above Painting: Sufi Mendicant (Faqeer-e-Murshad)

Poetry & Painting© 2014 All rights reserved

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Presence in Shrine or Tomb

Mohammad CalligraphyThe personality(soul) of Auliya after being enlightened By Noor(Light) of Mohammad(Peace be upon him) becomes everlasting for ever,thats why after demise of Auliya Allah(Friends of God) the memorial deed and heroic deed comes out from their tombs by means of Noor of Mohammad(peace be upon him),hence,the prayers on the shrine of Auliya Karaam is like a prayers in front of Allah or Noor Mohammad(peace be upon him).The people who are unknown from all these realities,they folly says that all these are Bidaat,(heresy),Shirk(Politheism).As well as the people who comes on Mazaraat(Shrines) they also dose not know from this reality because of this every person sould gain the knowledge and to understand in betterway.

At the begining Allah ordered the Angels to bow down(prostrate)in front of Adam(peace be upon him).Actualy this Sajda(Prostration) was for Noor of Mohammad(peace be upon him)(other wise how Allah order to angels to bow down except Allah),Allah ordered to all believers to respect this Noor of Mohammad beauty of Allah.

Through Saintliness the Noor of Mohammad(peace be upon him)be manifest from Mohammad(peace be upon him)in Auliya Karaam(Friends of Allah),the Noor of Mohammad(peace be upon him) is respected in the the veil of Auliya karaam are like Kaaba,they are only like veil,the homage and the veil of Auliya reaches out to Noor-e-Mohammad (peace be upon him) this is right and this is the sunnah(Method) of Angels,there is no doubt or suspecious of Polithesim!Hence ,the obesiance,reverence and attendance in shrine is true,even prayers,hymns and supplications are right and correct because prayer,hymn,supplication also imagines in front of Allah’s Noor (Light),there is no any legality regarding polytheism!


It is necessary for human being to know and get the identification of Allah (Maarfiat-e-Haque) its is called “Nearness of Allah”.it is the purpose of human being.but it is so difficult you can say imposible to get nearness of Allah with out Spiritual Mentor(Murshid) Master,it is also so sad that true Spiritual Mentor is very rare to available now a days,beacuase unknown persons from Allah’s Identification also are decorating their throne in this fields,every person first know and identify the Mentor in all angle,because complete Vali(Friend of God) or Mentor reaches out the seeker to the designation,as it is necessary to remember that be cautious or be carefull from such a independent Mentors.


Sarkar Sufi Ghyassuddin Shah Hussaini Qadri-Shuttari-Chishti Amarullah Okata Fi’Taata:-

1.When you remove your shoes before entering Dargah Sharif at the same time develop soft heartedness and respect inside.

2. While removing shoes remove thoughts & wishes also.Be sure that he knows everything & if he knows everything then be silent outwars &  inwards.Don’t speak anything,don’t ask anything.

3.Lower your sight in respect & don’t look more than distance of three feets.

4.Talk the least possible if necessary & that too in low voice.

5.Don’t let anything else to come in your thoughts except Sarkar Ba-Ikhtiyar Kaki.If thoughts wander here & there,recollect them. And by now if your walking has become slow,heart filled with respect & eyes are wet then consider that you are ready to visit the Spiritual King’s courtroom.

6.Now enter into the main gate of Dargah Sharif and before entry close your five senses of Hearing,seeing,touching,smelling and tasting.

7.Respectfully enetr and leave youself in this spiritual environment. Drink this spiritual environment heartfully.

8.Sit alone quietly and elevate your feelings.Listen to silence.

Manners to visit Shrine by:

Sarkar Sufi Ghyassuddin Shah Hussaini Qadri-Shuttari-Chishti Amarullah Okata Fi’Taata from Mehrauli,
New Delhi,India


After following these methods if still you don’t feel spirituality then consider that as lack of respect or not meeting of any term described above.

For More on Sufism;

Markaze Tasawwuf
(Center of Sufism)
Khanqah Sharif Qadiriya-Shutaariya-Chishtiya,
1011,E-First, Mehrauli-Sharif,
New Delhi,


La mahbooba illa-Llah.

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Keep enjoy the bliss of Sufism with Master Guidance.

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd

Painting Calligraphy “Mohammad”

The 2nd Image Shrine Hadrat Qutub-ud-Din  Ba-Ikhtiyar Kaki”Q.S.A” Digitally Edited


Above Commentary by:

Hadrat Babaa Ahsan Ullah Khan Warsi”Q.S.A” from Andhra Pradesh,India

Painting© 2014 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™


Exchganging Advice Develops Wisdom


Follow faithfully and do not create innovation and remain obedient (to God and His Prophet) and do not transgress. Uphold the Unity of Godhead and do not ascribe any partner to Him; and conceive Him in His Holiness and do not ascribe any evil to Him. Maintain His truth and do not give way to double standards; and remain patient and do not run away; and apply to Him for your needs but do not feel annoyed but wait; and be united in obedience and do not be disunited.

Love one another and do not bear spite towards one another; and keep free from vices and do not be contaminated or defiled by them; and beautify yourselves with obedience to your Lord;

and do not remain away from the doors of your Master; and do not refrain from being attentive to Him; and do not delay your repentance and return to Him; and do not feel weary of making petition to your Creator at any time during the day and the night. (If you do so) may be mercy will be shown to you and you will have good luck and be kept away from hell fire, and be given a happy life in paradise and be united with God and enjoy the blessings of God and in that state abide for ever;  and you may be exalted in the company of the prophets and siddiqs (perfected men of truth) and shahids (that is, dedicated witnesses to the cause of truth) and saiihs  (that is, ordinary men of piety who are free from glaring sins) in the high heaven.

Sufism Lessons taught by Al-Imaam Al-Awliya Ghous Ul Azam Sheikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani (Q.S.A)

*From his book Fatoh-Ul-Ghaib

Keep enjoy the bliss of Sufism with Love

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd

Sufi Icon Paintings © 2014 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™


Direction of My Heart


Beloved Master Hazrat Syed Sufi Ghyassuddin Shah Qadiri, Shutari,ChishtiThere is a big difference between being spiritually conscious,and being conscious of what is going on in the world around you. The former is an unmistakable feeling of “returning home” to your Self within the body, the source of true peace, happiness, and intuition. Whereas the latter is more of a mental awakening, often times accompanied by immense fear, anger, or even guilt brought on by a realizing some of the more disturbing truths about the world we live in. Ultimately, they are both important, as they are inextricably linked. Within, but not without.

I am doing things that increase the one, and automatically increases the other. Either directly, or indirectly. Immediately, or over the course of time..For the example when i made a painting it increases the number of asset in my studio..but on other side automatically it increases my wisdom with in a initiative experience of art..

Before when I wasn’t aware by true wisdom.I was like a programmed rebort with full of information hypnotised by man-made things…But after meeting with my Beloved Master i acknowledged and acknowledging truth of my being continuously.
Every person follow the root of his tree.I have discovered my inclination towards Sufism.It is something by that I am living my life lovely,performing my daily tasks wisely..it is some thing which attracts me, fascinates me, inspires me.it is something by which i became able to represent my art through illumination of the Divine Creative Light.It changed my life from head to toe,outside to inside..I forgotten all about my false self or man-made religions by which i was hypnotised.

My inspiration of both outer inner world is just Teachings of Sufism by my Masters.The image I attached,of  my Beloved Grand Master Hazrat Syed Sufi Ghyassuddin Shah Hussaini,Qadri,OmerAllah Okatah Fi Taa’ataa …His book What is Sufism” Taswwaf kiya hai ” really lit the candle inside me.The Teachings of my masters is the direction of my heart toward my Beloved Creator..

It is so I hope I can continue to seek my journey to wisdom which is the definition of a Sufi and Sufism.
The search for spirituality is something which was always there and will be there.. I hope to keep in touch with it for a long time to come. Ameen

Keep enjoy the bliss of love with Sufism

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Author & Artist Seher Mohammmd

Image © 2014 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™