☼~Ecstacy of Pain~☼

Ecstacy of Pain Label D

Ecstacy of Pain


My Original handmade Painting

From Series: Dawn of Chishtias


The resplendent Shams (Sun) is a portion of the Absolute Light;

That sun has become secreted in particle of dust;
As if the lion had put on the skin of a lamb.

To conceal his identity from outside view,
He has made Meher Shah the object of outward publicity.

Since He shed his light on the Lahorities,It shadow became reflected in Qadian.

The night became manifest because of the day,and the day because of the night;
The accounts for the Pronouncement ;”We Blessed the sign of the night…..”

What a strange phenomenon that shams( sun),with the help of the ancient light,Came to help of the feed able one with authority.

Thou( O Lord!) guidest or leadest astray whomsoever Thou wilt;and Thou honourest ar abasest whomsoever thou wilt.

Thou art Like the Pupil of our eye,and art thus not detached from us;
Yet how strange that we bewail separation from Thee!

The eye of the lover grovels into the dust of Thy alley, in search for (the essence of) life,

Had thy sacred name not extended its (helping) hand (to him), no one would have seen this besotted one in this world.

When the self recites the name of the name-owner,the whole world listens for the sound of the caravan bell.

With Thy grace Thou bestowedst a name ( and fame) upon the infatuated one.Thou administered to him a medicine that contained a cure (for his malady).

He has there fore made Thy holy name his constant recitation; And has enshrined thy love in his heart.

Those dwellers of the alley of Allah;and those who are entangled in his hair-locks:
Those who bow in the memory of the Brow of Allah Some one; and who fall prostrate,intoxicated by the sight of His moon-like face.
His Love has infatuated both the worlds;with the result that they have laid their eyes in his path(in an effort to reach Him).
In particular,that cypress of the garden of God,that holy eagle hat exalted Sun( all allegories for khawaja Shamsuddin).
Now finish off this disjointed tale ( of Love),
O my heart,my slaam to thee,O my full Moon,My Shams!


Critiques Requested.

The Color Palette and Technique

The visionary art in acrylics on canvas.Canvas Size is 24*36inches.This work accomplished in 2014.The basic inspiration for this painting were came by another artist’s project.The color palatte is standard as of the source but theme is all mine according my intuitional subject. The one of craft beauty of this work is that the seawaves I made by very thin stroks. I never tried to give that realistic look but I tried my level best to embed a force and movement in the scene. I inspired by the source and appreciate that master of art from the history who provided me inspiration and the courage to accomplished this challenging project.The artwork is available and ready for place to Heal.

Hope you will enjoy the journey of Love through”Ecstacy of Pain“. A message of hope and interstellar love from the Painting .With the soulfull poem of  Master Meher Ali “Q.S.A” Which he said in the honour of his master Hazrat khawaja Shams ud din Sialavi”Q.S.A”from Meher-e-Munir.

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Keep enjoy the bliss of Love with my Art


ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd


Painting © 2016 All rights reserved

with Artist@Modaline Productions ®™