Birth of Midnight Sun


Art by Freydoon Rassouli

Dark inward and Dark outward
Magnificent is the Midnight Sun
A Touch is a Touch
Timeless and Tide
So call me And Miss me
Love me And Kiss me
Dead wish
Just a tiny step from Reborn^!

So kill me and Carry me
Deliver me
My Mother And My Lover
My Eternally Turning Fire!!!

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Keep Living the Bliss of Divine Love with Sufism

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

#Kalakar 🔀

ArtistSeher Mohammad 


🌀Birth of Sun🎨 Art by Freydoon Rassouli



Thirst of Light in Dawn Desert


My Heart

Walking in the Dawn of the Desert,

With my Heart,

Wind Hymn His Tune,

And Skies in Pale Yellow,

I Walk Alone,

With the Wind Under the Skies,

In the Dune Desert,

Holding my Heart,

Me and Wind Chant’s Together,My Beloved Name,

With His Tune,

It’s Cares my Heart’

In the Dawn Desert!


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Keep enjoy the bliss of love with Sufism and Art

I am proud to sharing my experiences and my art ,I’m so proud to say yes I am an artist and practising my truth !

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammad

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A Wise Message Of Oneness being as a shining Star in this Universe.


Being human is Central to my life. A verse in the Holy Quran addresses itself to the whole of humanity.
As It says:

‘Oh Mankind, fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the pair of them scattered abroad many men and women’.

I know of no more beautiful expression about the unity of our human race — born indeed from a single soul.

Keep enjoy the bliss of oneness with Sufism

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammad

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