The Final Moment (Istighraq)

A Modern Contemporary art inspired by World famous artist Abdur Rahman Chughtai’s (1899-1975) Paintings.
My This Painting The Final Moment (Istighraq) is based on the Persian Calligraphic Poetry of  Master Jallauddin Rumi”Q.S.A”.Made in watercolours on paper with concept of eastern traditional bride on her wedding day waiting for the moment when she leaves her parent’s home to go her beloved’s home for permanent union.The Final Moment is the mystic interpretation of a spiritual state Istighraq.
I tried to merge the state of a lover before departure in form of art.I showed the same figure same as postured into the original chughtai’s painting..but I tried to merge the essence of Moulana Rumi’s verse “Wedding of a Sufi” (Wisal of Sufi) into the state of painting figure.There was a story in back of my mind related to Baba Bulhey Shah “Once He saw a girl as getting ready for her beloved to organizing the meeting of Love.When Babaa Bulhey shah”Q.S.A” saw her preparation he twisted his own hairs and took veil than went to his Murshad(Spirtual master Innayat Shah”Q.S.A” ) for admire his love and sang his poem “U made me crazy like dance”
Instantly i questioned to my self.If a man or woman can feel like this at the meeting of his beloved than what if a lover of God when he longs to meet with his Beloved Lord?
The soul of a Lover of God illuminates by divine love and lover become eternal.… body can explain but those who experienced. Those who touches that spirit world.In short this painting is one of great achievement in my life…

Poetic Inspiration and detail;
Soorat az Bey-Soorati Aamad Baroo’n
Baaz Shud In’naa Alei’heye Raaj-e-Oon
“A figure had emerged from the ”Figure less” (i.e.., Allah), and (after staying on the stage of transitory earthly life for a span of time ordained by Allah) had then gone back and rejoined Him at the appointed time”.

Words of  Rumi”Q.S.A” From “Masaq-e-lakhnawi”

The verse of  Rumi reflects the meaning of true inner state of the re-union of men of God with the Supreme Being. It can be properly understood and described only by those who are blessed with a knowledge of the experiences of spirit.Consequently here only those events connected with the passing away of Lovers and friends of Allah are being described.Which took place in this tangible world of outer circumstances, and were witnessed by the common people around them..

Mystic Vision of “The Final Moment”;

The State of Friend of God when he fully prepared for Final union with Beloved (God) can be explain as Istighraq. (A State of Complete Spiritual Absorption) and unconsciousness to ordinary world..Indeed these spells caused even greater stress and distress to Auliyas (Friends of God) than unusual. Although the real reason for this can be understood only by those who actually pass through such experience,it seems probable that the distress resulted from the commuting between two totally different worlds,vis physical world and the world of spirit.

The spirits of Friends and Lovers of God went through a state,before its departure from the physical frame and its embarking on its journey heavenward for eternal union with the “Companion On High”.

Although people avoid to discus on topic of death even they don’t even want to think about death..But the face we cannot escape from..Pleasure-prone people simply do not think about death, and even if they do, it is in order to pine for this world and to become further engrossed in it ..The remembrance of death makes such person move further away from God. A person who has begun to turn toward God thinks about death as a means of producing awe and dread in his heart, and thus be enabled to turn completely toward Him..
The advanced One is forever recalling death, for it is the time appointed for seeking the countenance of the Friend, and no lover can ever forget the time fixed for meeting his Beloved.He would love to be swallowed up by death so that, being freed from this dwelling place of mindless beings, he might rise to the abode near his Friend,

The novice is excused from the aversion or shunning of death, while on the other hand, the advanced Sufi is also excused – for loving death and yearning after it! It is said, however, that there is an even higher stage than both of these, when a person makes use of nothing at all, but does his work purely for the sake of God. For himself, he chooses neither death nor life. This is the stage of resignation and acceptance and it is the final point of those who have reached the summit..(As my painting”The Final Moment” Essence states)

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