Pagan-Worshiper Of Love-and Devotional Sufi Song

I have come to You with all my yearnings,
all my longings writ large on my face
What can I ask from You,

You perceive it all by Yourself..

Ya Maula.. Maula Maula Mere Maula..
O Lord, my Lord, my Master..
my Friend…
Creases and fissures line my forehead,
(so many worries, but also the destiny is writ on the forehead)
Repair my fate, O Lord, O Friend.
At Your Door of Mercy I bow,
I obliterate myself to emerge anew
(I surrender to You, in this complete surrender my old-self dies,
from this surrender I emerge anew)
Repair my fate, O Lord, my Friend
Whoever came to Your Door, with their head bowed in deep surrender
Was seen by everyone bewildered, dancing in ecstasy

Whoever came to You thirsty,
went back home (satiated) with a flowing river
Drenched in showers of divine light, they swam out
Maula Maula Maulaa Mere Maula…
Maula Maula Maulaa Maula…
O Lord, my Lord, Master, my Master
Friend, my Friend
Creases and fissures line my forehead,
Repair my fate, O Lord, O Beloved
A fragrance emanated from somewhere
I wandered lost in its search
A mesmerizing epiphany
And I gaped in astonished wonder

It was only when I came to Your street, Your path,
that the truth dawned upon me
The fragrance was but within me,
and it was You who introduced it to me
I certainly know how to break into pieces and scatter
But I do not know how to pray to You in the correct manner
Let me remain immersed in adoration of You,
I will not leave this state.
If You reject me now, how will I ever recover!
Maula Maula Maulaa Mere Maula..
Dared I to proudly chart out so many desires,
Dreamt I innumerable dreams and struggled so much
But when You came face-to-face with me,
I could not meet Your eyes
In a precious moment with my head bowed in utter surrender to You
What have I not found?!
(I had nothing else left to find as I found You)
My Lord, my Lord, My Beloved
My Beloved has come Home,
My Beloved has come Home
My Master, My Friend, My Beloved
My Master, My Friend, My Beloved
“At the end of my life, with just one breath left, if you come, I’ll sit up and sing”

Above is a  Sufi song

Which Original Lyrics “Moula Moula” by Prasoon Joshi. The sufi song is made popular by music composed by Allah Rakha Rahman and sung by Kailash Kher…

Such Songs  are written from a very high place of realization. Thus the lyrics, the metaphors used in the song are sign-posts of realization and post-realization states. They tells the tale of a realized heart and the journey to that sacred heart-land.

Thus in this particular song the Sufi’s journey to God-Consciousness (taqwa, fana and baqa) and various levels of “the Interior Castle” is included. For example, the journey begins with soul’s yearning and partaking in a mysterious fragrance that appear from nowhere. Before deep surrender, before enlightenment of the soul it has many desires, many innumerable ‘goals’ to achieve which all reduce to One Desire (for God) and one goal (to Reach at the Beloved) and there the soul becomes “pleased”, “pleasing” to its Lord.
Ya ayyatuhal nafsul mutma’inna, irji’i ila rabbika, raziyatan marziya.
“O you, pleased soul, come back to your Lord, satisfying and satisfied”.
There through the journey the soul realizes the mysterious fragrance was coming from “no other place” but from within and it was the Glance of Grace which enabled to discover this bewildering reality.And these songs, if anyone assume them to be mere sentimentality or emotionalism; no, they are far from it. The way-stations described using different metaphors are highly endorsed by many awliya, saints and realized friends of God who have traveled the same path themselves, have reached and their “works” are testimony of that. And like St. Theresa of Avila who wrote from her own experience “The Interior Castle”, gave us the reality map of the journey to the Real. And these songs capture fragments of that map. But just as a map is not the real terrain, so the journey must be taken by each soul to experience it and to begin such journey, one better enter and remain in the company of Friends (spiritual masters, precisely sufi master as they are the keepers of this both exoteric and esoteric living tradition) who have set out to Journey to the Real Home.  And in finding such company, one can learn and trace their path. Thats why its prayed:
Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqeema, Sirata allazeena an AAamta AAalayhim.
Show us the straight path, The path of those  upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors.’

The path is prayed to be shown, so that it could be traced and walked upon.

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Keep enjoy the bliss of Sufism with my Art.

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd

Painting “Pagan-Worshiper Of Love
From series,”Journey of Sufi”

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Original Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. The sufi song is made popular by music composed by Allah Rakha Rahman and sung by Kailash Kher…also picturise in movie on Abhshaik Bachan”Arziyan,Delhi 6″
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Love of Sufi in Contrast to Ordinary Lover

Shaykh Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee of Golden Sufi writes in this book, Circle of Love,

“The mystical path is a journey from duality back to unity, back to the per-eternal oneness that is hidden within the heart. For the Sufi this journey is a love affair that begins on the level of the soul and is brought into consciousness through the grace of the Beloved. Sufis are those who love Him for His sake, and who have come to taste the sweet oneness of this love in the very substance of their being. This love draws us back to Him, back to what always is, to the eternal moment which does not belong to time.
Walking the path of love is a circular journey in which we discover what was always here but hidden under the veils of illusion, under the coverings of the ego and the mind. Stepping onto the path is stepping into the closed circle of love in which “the end is present at the beginning.”


Most of  people thinks that love is all about romanticism and happiness.but this is just fantasy of mind that’s why every lover desperate after some time in wordily wordily love is just a part of journey which leads to True love and Beloved.
As Sufi Master Rumi said,
not some shy question
and not with fears for its reputation!
Love is a madman, working his wild schemes,tearing off his clothes,
running through the mountains, drinking poison,
and now quietly choosing annihilation.

First of all, contrary to popular belief that love is all about romanticism, elated feelings and happy emotion-love often comes so violently and sweeps our heart chamber— emptying everything, sparing nothing and leaving our heart and mind in total ruin.
As some poet who knew well such effect said,
“stay away, stay away, stay away from the lane of love.”
This is because love is not always about what we desire or whom we want, but often it is about an all transforming experience of the heart, a revolution which once we experience, we never remain the same person as before. It changes the whole quality of our being.The more deep the experience of love is, the more of the fiber of our being is affected.
Echoing the truth, the great beings who were real lovers taught:

“The quest for Love changes us. There is no seeker among those who search for Love who has not matured on the way. The moment you start looking for Love, you start to change within and without.”

In human sense, love, even though whirls around someone, even though as human being we can only experience love in its basic level by falling in or feeling the magnetism of love for someone, after all, the other person in this case is not the end or the final goal, but a mean or a vehicle. The purpose remains as the transformation of our being and the goal is the process itself, which is love.
Khalil Gibran offer us the following wisdom on the way and goal of love:

And think not you can direct the course of love,
for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.
Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.

For many this is very hard to understand and even for the mind to accept when all it sees when in love is the beloved. But know that in human experience of love, the other person’s role is to holding a form. We are soul-beings who are shaped in form and hence need other forms for our engagement. Even the form of this planet earth is made so that we, humanity can bear the beams of love.
according to William Blake.

“In the dualistic love affair the other person is the vehicle through which the experience of attraction is given”.
Harsh as it might sound, but infect it would not be wrong to say that compared to the gift of the experience of love(the experience itself is a function of the heart and formless),whereas the vehicle, the other person is like an idol. To understand the truth in it, observe the human predicament of immature love. The moment the lover is disappointed, the same very idol which was idealized, fantasized and worshiped becomes the idol to be hated, cursed and to be forgotten.

My self when young did eagerly frequent

Doctor and Saint,and heard great argument

About it and about;but evermore

Came out the same Door as in i Went.

With them the Seed of Wisdom did i sow,

And with my own hand labour’d it to grow:

And this was all the Harvest that i reap’d–

I came like water,and like wind i go.

-Omer Khayyam

May all our soul-calls to our soul-mates, may all our blessed heart-aches and broken-heartedness help us realize the greater truths in life and to reach us more close to the Station of all stations, the Real, the Beloved It Self.


Love of a Sufi
quoting from

All human beings during their lives tend to experience love and friendship.

Human love can be classified into three basic categories according to its intensity, quality and limitations.

The first form of love is the friendship that is based on social conventions where two people behave in accordance with the following principle: “I for myself, you for yourself; we love each other, and we have no expectations of each other.” This form of love is that of ordinary people, whose love relationships tend to be of this nature.

The second form of  love is based on a more solid foundation and those who live together usually experience this kind of love: “I for you, you for me; we love each other, having mutual expectations of each other.” This form of love includes profound love as well as the love found within most families, involving emotional give and take on an equal footing.

The third kind of love transcends all conventions based on mutual expectations and is based on the following principle: “I am for you, you are for whoever you choose; I accept whatever you want without any expectations whatsoever.”

The Sufi’s devotion to God and to the master of the Path represents this latter form of love. This third kind of love is not based upon any constraints or conditions, and the Sufi who possesses this kind of love says with contentment and submission to God:

“I am satisfied with whatever You want without any expectations, and love You without any thought of reward.”

The Sufi’s love of God is not based upon any expectation of reward or fear of punishment, for the Sufi does not have any wishes and demands. The Sufi embraces and loves God’s wrath as much as His grace, His hardheartedness as much as His fidelity.

Only a few Sufis have managed to annihilate themselves in the Beloved through the path of such love and friendship. It is about these Sufis that Master Rumi has said:

Everything is the Beloved,
and the lover but a veil;
The Beloved is alive,
while the lover is dead.


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Artist Seher Mohammmd

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Beggar of a Spiritual Master or Sufi Mendicant(Faqeer-e-Murshad)

I am on a journey to find my soul……
I had lost it somewhere…
I am roaming to hug the soil….
Which is my reality ,
which is my soothe….
I am enduring to have the courage…
To open up my heart,
and seek the light of passion to penetrate,,
Into the ocean deep inside,,,,
Far beyond to give up breadth,,,
To a numb and deep silent soul,,,
Covered above by an injured shell,,,,
Grand Master of Mystics, Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said,
“at-turuqu ila ‘Llahi ka-nufusi bani Adam”,
‘the paths leading to God are as numerous as the children of Adam’.
The Qur’an states in the verse 2:148,
“And for everyone there is a direction towards which one turn.”
A Sufi Javad Nurbakhsh Stated,
“Although Sufis live outwardly among people, inwardly they are constantly occupied with God. Their bodies and mind exist with others, whereas their hearts are far from them. Externally, they are congenial with everyone. Inwardly, however, they themselves are strangers to all. They are at peace with all people, yet within them selves tranquility is to be found only in Divine Love. Though they live among people they are truly alone.”
The ancient Path of Sufism is for spiritual development which  is based upon connection with and experience of the Divine. It involves study with a teacher and the awakening, through direct contact with Truth of latent spiritual capacity; this is done so the traveller can help others. This Truth or universal essence, the spiritual traveller seeks and experiences, is the underlying energy or fabric of created forms.
This Path, existed long before there were religions; this way of learning is at the heart of the great religions; it is the underlying spiritual energy that gives everything in the universe its form and substance. Inside each of us is an aspect of this wondrous element. Through preparation, practice developing our inner spiritual awareness, and Grace we unite with and serve Ultimate Reality every day.
Once a Master said to a traveller in a Sufi Story:

Remember, everyone is a spiritual traveller and in their long journey through this universe, experiences many wondrous things. Countless experiences go beyond words and cannot be written down- changing with each moment and person. This dimension is one of the elements that make life multi-level and beautiful. If this is too difficult for those who ask about us to grasp, ask them to define love or even life itself. As they ponder all the possibilities, then, they will begin to understand.

A Wiseman Of God said,

“Sufism is a Path of Knight, not of clowns or false messiah.’

Just as Jesus,(Peace be Upon Him) “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
Just as the Tariqa of Christ was the Path of Knight, so it continues in the mystic chivalry and nobility of Tasawwuf (Way of Purification, otherwise known as Sufism) and its carriers are the Sufi mystics.

For Sufie the path of Sufism is the Superhighway to God. For those who wish to connect with Truth and use their inner spiritual capacity to help others; this form of learning is available in every town and city.

The Message of True Sufism is based on freedom, love, and reform of the nafs … and society…But unfortunately the risk raised that this practice become a kind of hobby… as Yoga, Taichi… perhaps it is due to the misunderstanding and corruption of culture who did made from all satisfaction of primary and animal instinct a right in the name of “freedom”. … people got the tendency to lights… but as said the quote:
“even though all light are from God… all lights are not divine!!!”
As a Sufi sheikhs have declared, “Whatever can be expressed in words isn’t Sufism.”
As Rumi has stated, “When I came to love, I was ashamed of all I have ever said about love.”
As a Sufi Javad Nurbakhsh said,“Whatever great Sufies have said in explanation of Sufism was the result of and appropriate to their particular situation and states. Such explanation, therefore do not constitute general definitions of Sufism. Rather they refer to some of its characteristics.”
The above painting entitled by the name of Faqeer-e-Murshad is  from series ” Sufi path  is about seekers & lover of Sufi path and the painting symbolizes both the Sufi journey and the path. In the arid desert a shrine of Wali Allah “Friend of God” Is reflection of kind a oasis which carries the water of life, spring gushes up from the heart of the earth that delights the soul. (Oaises means lushgreen garden into the desesrt and wastland).
The Faqeer e Murshad is a little glimpse of experience during my personal spiritual journey.When I initiated by my Murshad Sarkar..when I completely melted in Love and became you can say it it is a reflection of start of my journey toward my oasis My Master to my Master’s Chain of Sarkar Hazrat Baikhtiyar Kaki”Q.S.A”
For the long time of my life a long way in the darkness of the world… in which I was walking to seek answers to basic questions.. (who am I?…where am I coming from?..and why I am here..etc….)..I travelled here and there to get the answered and visited shrines sacred places,explored the chains of Sufi spiritual way for intensively reaching towards my root..beholding the path!…then I met a master who did put me in… I still don’t know how it has happened… perfect… GOD knows!
A kind of expression is it is the master who find you…it is!
A Call of Sufi through Painting.
O Sufi! The Sufi’s only real miracle is non-being. To claim miraculous powers is to express ‘being’, and on the Path this is unbelief. The master of the Path is an idol-breaker not an idol maker. With this in mind, be sure to distinguish between commercial Sufism and true Sufism, so that you will recognize the false pretenders who only set traps.
O Sufi! Where there is talk of “I and you” and miraculous powers, Sufism doesn’t exist. Where pretension and self-existence are expressed Truth doesn’t exist. The criterion of being a Sufi is selflessness. The more selfless you are, the more a Sufi you become.
~ Nur Ali Shah Kermani
… to prefer the words of saints and sage and prophet instead to go with our own words… to stay safe of corruption by our illusory importance…etc..

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Keep enjoy the bliss of Sufism with my Art.

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Artist Seher Mohammmd

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