☼Infinite Journey☼

Infinite jOurney label

Infinite Journey

My Original handmade Painting

From Series: Unknown-

In my waking state I cried,
For the World made me tied…

Wept on my own plight,
The tears took the flight…

Borrowed freedom of Soul,
And I found it as my goal…

The tears mixed sea whirl,
Then was found the Pearl…

Weight of heart made light,
Its how I became the Infinite!!!


Critiques Requested.

The Color Palette and Technique

The Visionary Art work transformed on canvas in medium acrylic on white canvas.. The Canvas Size is 17 inch * 23.5 inches.That work is not for sale, waiting to be complete yet for further expressions. Infinite journey is the work of 2015 and from my collection set.

Hope you will enjoy the journey of Love through”Infinite Journey”.A message of hope and interstellar love from the Painting .With the soulfull poem of Sufi Akash Dhaka From (Center of Sufism).

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Keep enjoy the bliss of love with my art

ღஜღ Love ღஜღ

Artist Seher Mohammmd


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